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Kev Franzi, is a Documentary Filmmaker and Photojournalist and now a Film Historian and “Elder Statesman” of the Industry. Kev’s fully working Movie Museum, at Kenilworth Queensland, houses his unique Australian Cinema Heritage Collection and his latest venture CinemaWorks - the catalyst and stage one of the Australian Image Hall of Fame - to Entertain, inform and inspire.

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CinemaWorks was created by Kev. Franzi to promote 3 basic projects.


To promote and operate his fully working Movie Museum and Electric Theatre with its unique Australian Cinema Heritage collection and Video Productions as the catalyst for an Australian Image Hall of Fame. Coach groups are very welcome. For bookings call 07 54460341.


To create stage one of the Australian Image Hall of Fame as an iconic feature tourist attraction (and teaching facility) to celebrate and showcase our brilliant Filmmakers and Photographers – “The Recorders” who captured the Australian Image for over a Century and in the process revealed the unique Australian ethos – the spirit of a Nation.


For the future – to illustrate the huge potential of simple well-made Video Diaries using Kev’s Essential Video Diary “Action!” Kit – an instructional handbook and DVD designed to show you how to create quality Video Diaries on any subject – whatever your interests may be. It’s simply basic Videojournalism – the communication media of the future – applied to make “The Recorders” of the future.


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